UPDATE: Hope that broadband wait could end soon

Windsor Park GV,Buckingham. ENGPNL00120120823141914
Windsor Park GV,Buckingham. ENGPNL00120120823141914

There could be hope in sight for residents on a new estate who have been waiting months for a broadband connection.

Some homeowners on the 700-home Windsor Park development in Buckingham have been without a landline since before Christmas.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said he has been waiting since completing on his house in December.

He said: “If I’d been told I wouldn’t be able to get broadband for four or five months, I definitely would have thought twice. I work from home quite regularly and it’s absolutely key to my livelihood.”

He added: “I’ve got a mobile internet dongle and I’m paying it monthly but we’ve already had major issues with going over our limit and running up enormous bills.

“A few of the guys near me have managed to get temporary connections but before that one chap was actually working in the David Wilson Homes sales office.”

Another resident, who has written to county councillor Robin Stuchbury and MP John Bercow, said: “There are lots of residents up in arms because either they’ve waited ages to get broadband or they’re still waiting.

“It’s outrageous so many people are having to wait so long for something that’s a basic requirement nowadays.

“BT are not a tinpot company. Why on Earth can they not provide the basic broadband requirement for a new estate?”

Mr Stuchbury, who has been looking into this problem on behalf of residents, has been liaising with Openreach, the developers’ consortium and the highways department.

He said an agreement has now been reached that Openreach will get on with the cabling, once Anglian Water has finished its phase of the work within the next week.

Mr Stuchbury said: “Ever since that estate was proposed, they’ve known they would need to get phone lines into the estate. The phasing plan for the estate was public knowledge. These customers have businesses and families. They need this connection just to take part in the modern world.

“What we’ve now managed to do is have a meeting and see that the water and services are going to happen in a legal and orderly fashion.”

Bucks County Council transport co-ordinator Graham Smith said: “It appears that Anglian Water will be finished within the next week and then BT can go in and complete the ducting and cabling work to connect up the houses on Windsor Park.”

A spokesman from BT said: “BT have been working closely with Bucks County Council to provide service to the new housing estate at Windsor Park. Openreach are at the engineering stage, which requires road closures maximising the safety for residents. The engineering work is complex and time-consuming and Openreach are working as fast as they can to complete the work as soon as possible.”