UPDATED: Asda chicken supplier to build new £5m hub

Faccenda Foods in Brackley
Faccenda Foods in Brackley

A chicken factory which supplies Asda and Nando’s is adding a ‘significant’ new £5 million hub to its main plant.

Faccenda Foods has three poultry processing facilities in the UK but its headquarters is in Brackley.

It has announced plans to add a 30,000 sq ft storage and distribution facility to its plant on Buckingham Road Industrial Park, to be completed next year.

Building work began this week and although the facility is the size of 10 tennis courts, Faccenda says it will not create any further jobs.

The company says the new hub will provide a better operational process and facilities for current employees.

Its managing director Andy Dawkins said: “In 2012 we made an £8 million investment in the modernisation of our Brackley production facilities.

“This further investment of £5 million demonstrates our commitment to continue to develop and improve our poultry operations centred here in Brackley.”

Faccenda Foods is the second-largest poultry production company in the UK, processing two million chickens a week and with a turnover of more than £400 million a year.

In 2009, residents in Brackley complained about odours coming from the plant, which then invested in new equipment to reduce smells.

But Brackley Town Councillor Chris Cartmell is confident that a bigger facility will not increase the chance of a stench wafting into town once more.

He said: “It shouldn’t create any further smells because adding a distribution facility or increasing the size of it, doesn’t mean they will be putting more chickens through the process.

“I believe there is a limit that a factory can process and they are working near to that limit.

“But if it is going to help them distribute quicker and easier, that’s good news.”

Operations director Philip Davidson said: “Our focus with this development is to ensure our operations at Brackley are fit for the future, allowing us to take a major step forward in operational efficiency and employee working conditions, while reducing our environmental impact.

“This significant investment is good for our customers and great news for the local community.”

The Brackley site has been operational since 1972 and employs 1,000 people to currently work at the plant.

Products processed at the site include the Roast in the Bag whole bird.