UPDATED: Councillors kick up a stink about odour trapping families indoors

Councillor Chris Cartmell has complained about the recent odours affecting Brackley ENGPNL00120120606152934
Councillor Chris Cartmell has complained about the recent odours affecting Brackley ENGPNL00120120606152934

A government agency has been urged to think twice before issuing permits after a ‘rotting meat smell’ coming from nearby works caused a stink for residents.

People in Brackley have complained about the odour which has been wafting down from Hinton-in-the-Hedges where a food and brewery sludge injection was taking place.

The injection work, to the south west has now stopped and the smell has subsided but the Environment Agency has met with Brackley Town Council to explain these operations need a ‘permit to work’.

The town council has asked the agency to give ‘deep consideration’ to any new permit applications in the area due to the recent stench.

Town councillor Mark Morrell said: “It is totally unacceptable that our residents and businesses had to put up with this terrible smell, meaning they couldn’t sit out in their gardens and had to keep their doors and windows closed during this summer period.”

Banbury Road was worst hit, with complaints not just from residents, but from the Croft Veterinary Centre and the Neupert Dental Surgery.

Allan Dick, owner and partner of the vets, said some of the neighbours first thought the animal centre was to blame before the Environment Agency inspected the site.

“It’s a natural assumption to make but it was obviously not coming from our premises.

“With over 30 years of experience, I am not overly sensitive to smells but this was a faecal, sickly, rotting meat smell.

“Several people complained about it and two young people who came in to the centre were gagging at the smell.”

Mr Dick said the business had not suffered financially but it may have ‘harmed its reputation’ and made working conditions unpleasant for its 21 members of staff as the smell ‘permeated all the rooms’.

Town councillor Chris Cartmell said: “As we live in a very rural area, we are all well used to various agricultural smells over the town from time to time.

“However, the current odours are of a totally different nature, smelling very much of stale food and yeast.”

Residents are encouraged to phone the Environment Agency hotline on 0800807060 to report any similar odours in the future.