UPDATED: Paedophile admitted ‘I’ll get what I deserve’ when confronted by police

Paedophile Richard Tattam from North Marston
Paedophile Richard Tattam from North Marston

A paedophile is facing jail after admitting a string of sexual assaults on two young girls.

Richard Tattam, 45, from North Marston, started the abuse of one girl when she was just nine years old.

When he was confronted by police over his crimes, he said: “I’ll get what I deserve. I’ll quit my job - why would my mates work with a paedo?”

The court heard Tattam bought the victims gifts including adult toys and a nipple ring.

Some of the offences only came to light after one of the victims’ doctor noticed self-harming marks on her legs which led to her emotional confession of how she had been abused over a period of years.

Tattam had told one of the girls he could see into her bedroom window from outside her house, which led her to cover her window with posters, and told her that by telling anyone what was happening, she would ruin her family’s lives.

He also tried to show her pornography.

She tried calling Childline five times throughout the period of abuse, which ended when she was aged 16.

The abuse was disclosed when she began seeing a boyfriend.

However, it emerged he had also been abusing a second girl.

The court heard that a friend noticed strange behaviour from the girl when she came to sleep over which would see her curl into a ball at the slightest sound in the house and pretend to be asleep.

Tattam was born in North Marston and attended schools in Winslow.

In 2002 he moved to Scotland with his job as a BT engineer and the abuse started in the country a couple of years later.

He moved back to North Marston after being arrested by police last year and had lived in the village since then, working as a gardener.

He pleaded guilty to the charges in Stranraer Sheriff Court and was remanded in custody until sentencing on March 25.

He was also placed on the sex offenders’ register.

A source close to the case said: “The impact of Richard Tattam’s sexual abuse and serious assaults have devastated these children’s lives.

“The effects on their childhoods, education, friendships and relationships, self-confidence and self-worth has been immense.

“He has stolen their childhoods.

“They have been extremely brave in helping the police bring him to justice and I hope that the fact that this paedophile is now in custody and due to be sentenced will help them to rebuild their lives.

“It has been a very hard year since the investigation began, but they were assured by the police that is was a very strong case, and they have been helped through the ordeal by incredible kindness and support from many decent people.”