UPDATED: Sacked policeman’s misconduct shame

PC Richard Davis
PC Richard Davis

A well-known neighbourhood police officer has been dismissed for gross misconduct for having an ‘inappropriate relationship with a victim of domestic violence’.

Buckingham PC Richard Davis was dismissed from Thames Valley Police on Tuesday after behaving in a ‘discreditable and dishonest’ way, including lying about the relationship and breaking his bail conditions.

PC Davis, left, with members of the Buckingham Hoodies and Buckingham Athletic football teams and mayor Mike Smith in 2010

PC Davis, left, with members of the Buckingham Hoodies and Buckingham Athletic football teams and mayor Mike Smith in 2010

Mr Davis, who had been suspended for over 18 months, was dismissed with immediate effect.

The local bobby, who won the Community Police Officer of the Year Award in 2011, has 10 working days to appeal the decision. He denies the relationship accusation and told the Advertiser he feels very let down by the police force.

He said: “I did not have a relationship with a witness.”

The police investigation, managed by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), found that he had an inappropriate relationship with a victim of domestic abuse, which he later lied about when questioned.

Mr Davis was arrested on suspicion of misconduct in a public office on March 1 2013 and released on bail, with a condition to have no contact with the domestic abuse victim. It was found that he then breached his bail conditions.

Deputy Ch Con Francis Habgood said: “Such discreditable and dishonest conduct is completely at odds with our code of ethics and with the standards of behaviour that the public should expect from its police officers.

“I am grateful to the witnesses whose evidence enabled us to identify this misconduct.

“The great majority of officers work tirelessly to serve vulnerable victims.

“This case demonstrates that, in the rare cases where officers abuse their position of trust, the matter will be thoroughly investigated and firmly dealt with.”

No criminal charges were brought against Mr Davis.

Mr Davis was well-known in Buckingham during his time as a neighbourhood PC. In 2010 he was instrumental in forming a football team of police officers and local youngsters, called the Buckingham Hoodies.

Town councillor Mike Smith, who was town mayor at the time, said: “I think it’s a crying shame. He was a damn good community-engaged copper.

“Most in the town that know him will be upset about this and wishing him well.”