UPDATED: UKIP take Brackley in county elections

Jim Broomfield .'130131M-D359
Jim Broomfield .'130131M-D359

There has been a gain for UKIP in the Northants County Council elections after Jim Broomfield won the newly created Brackley division.

During the election count in Kettering this afternoon Mr Broomfield received 1,012 votes to become one of two gains for the UKIP party in Northants, just 60 more than second place Conservative Ron Sawbridge,

Mr Broomfield won 38.7 per cent of the 2,617 votes cast, with a 25 per cent turnout.

Speaking to the Advertiser Mr Broomfield said: “When I was going around Brackley I think people were mainly fed up with the three main parties, they don’t think they are listening. UKIP are making strides and people are listening to what they are saying.

“After three years of bi-elections and coming second we have had various good results over the years, so it wasn’t a protest vote. I keep hearing that from the main parties, but I think people want genuine change, but no one has been listening to them except UKIP.”

In other results Liberal Democrate Chris Lofts took the Towcester and Roade division after receiving 35.6 per cent of the 3445 votes cast, with a 33.58 per cent turnout.

The Silverstone division as taken by Conservative Ian Morris with 48.3 per cent of the 3,471 votes, from a 34.74 per cent turnout.

Conservative Ken Melling took the Middleton Cheney Division with 42.8 per cent of the 2,724 votes, with a 30.55 per cent turnout.

Conservative Allen Walker has also retained Deanshanger with 63 per cent share of 2,709 votes, with a turnout of 33.44 per cent.

(There have been significant changes to the political structure of the Council since the last election. Following a review by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England, the number of divisions has been reduced from 73 to 57.)

Overall results:

Conservative - 36 divisions

Independent - 1

Labour - 11

Liberal Democrat - 6

UKIP - 3

The political make-up of the Council going into the election was:

Conservative - 52

Liberal Democrat - 10

Labour - 6

Independent - 4

UKIP - 1