UPDATED: YES - Buckingham residents approve neighbourhood plan

Buckingham neighbourhood plan area map
Buckingham neighbourhood plan area map

The people of Buckingham have given their seal of approval to the town’s neighbourhood plan.

Residents went to the polls on Thursday, and the results have just been revealed.

In total 2015 people voted in the referendum, on whether to approve the plan which sets out rules for amenities and developments within the town boundaries.

Of those voters, a massive 91.3% of people voted yes, 1840 people.

No votes totalled 173, a percentage of 8.6%.

There were two spoiled ballot papers.

Overall the turn out in the referendum was 21.45%

The Buckingham Society led a YES campaign in the run up to the vote, but there was no formal opposition to the plan.

The neighbourhood plan will now go forward to Aylesbury Vale District council, who will formally ‘make’ the plan.

Neighbourhood plans have been described as a last line of defence against unwanted developments in towns and villages.

Residents were consulted on the scheme, which includes 400 new student units to support growth at the University of Buckingham.

A Buckingham Town Council statement read: “Town councillors feel that it is a ringing endorsement of the community’s desire to plan positively in the appropriate places, bring forward truly sustainable development for the town rather than developers making a ‘quick buck’ on sites which are less sustainable and against the community’s wishes.

“Planning applications are being discussed which are contrary to the Plan (see the Advertiser front page on 4th September) and town councillors hope that district council members wake up and recognise the expressed wishes of Buckingham.

“The town council thanks all who answered consultations, attended meetings, spread the word and – best of all – voted for the plan which should give us a framework for development in the town area until 2031. And then we will have to do it all again.”