Using science to protect new labs

The Royal Latin School is taking a scientific approach to security at its new science facility.

Saturday, 20th February 2016, 8:00 am
PC Nicki Tipping advises on the use of SmartWater

The school is using forensically coded SmartWater to protect valuable equipment at its new Discovery Centre.

The 12-laboratory science centre formally opened in October, benefiting both students and the wider community, which will also be able to use its facilities.

To protect the centre from being targeted by thieves, all equipment stored on site, including laptops, tablet computers and projectors, is being permanently marked with SmartWater liquid.

Every bottle of SmartWater carries a unique forensic code, so any marked property can be traced back to where it came from if stolen.

Once dry, the liquid is almost impossible to remove from an item and can only be seen under ultraviolet light.

PC Nicki Tipping said: “The introduction of SmartWater is a significant step forward in helping to combat crime within local educational establishments. It is imperative to protect valuable equipment that is very important in the education of our young people both now and into the future.”