VIDEO: They thought he was gonner but the cat with no tail came back!

When Lucy Keen’s Manx cat Mr Pickles went missing 18 months ago she all but gave up on finding him.

Lucy, 33 and partner Marc , 34 even moved from Hare Close in Buckingham to Towcester, thinking that tailless Mr Pickles was gone for good.

Mr Pickles reunited with owner Lucy

Mr Pickles reunited with owner Lucy

Meanwhile in Buckingham a meowing was heard from woodlands close to the couple’s former home.

A passer by stopped to take a look and found Mr Pickles and took him to Vets 4 Pets in Buckingham.

A microchip scan later Mr Pickles was identified and a shocked Lucy was contacted by the vets, eager to reunite her with her missing moggy.

Lucy said: “I just couldn’t believe it.

“I thought someone was winding me up.

“When we moved to Towcester we had to leave him behind which was really hard, we had no idea what had happened to him.”

She added: “Part of me feels sad in case another family had taken him in and looked after him.

“But the vet who checked him over said that his claws were quite long, which would suggest he’s been out in fields.

“I’ve no idea where he’s been getting his food from, but at home now he’s always trying to get on the surfaces and in the cupboards.

“I keep telling him that he doesn’t have to scavenge for food anymore, but he hasn’t got the message yet.”

Despite living almost half his life away from Lucy, Mr Pickles recognised her as soon as she arrived at Vets For 
Pets to collect him.

Lucy said: “He remembered me which was lovely and when we got home he remembered the dog and his sister too.

“He remembered that his sister doesn’t like him very much, it’s really funny.

“She keeps starring at him like she’s thinking ‘I thought I’d got rid of you’.”

And to make sure that Mr Pickles does not stray again Lucy is taking special measures.

She said: “He’s definitely grounded for a while, he can’t be trusted.”

A spokesman for Vets 4 Pets Buckingham,, said: “Thankfully Mr Pickles ‘pickle’ is now over, and he was able to return home.

“Microchips are simple, 
affordable and can save a lot of heartache.”