Village hailstorm was ‘unbelievably destructive’

Hailstones tore through a family gazebo in Tingewick
Hailstones tore through a family gazebo in Tingewick

A family is facing costs of thousands of pounds after a hailstorm damaged two cars and ‘devastated’ their garden.

Hailstones tore through the Tanners’ gazebo and dented their Honda CRV and Peugeot 306 cars as a storm hit Tingewick for around 15 minutes at 7pm on Saturday evening.

Charles Tanner, 58, of St Mary’s Court, said the damage caused to their garden and two cars will cost thousands of pounds to repair.

He said: “It was unbelievably destructive. The sort of thing that you see on the news.

“You could hear the thunder but all of a sudden there was a very large rumbling noise and a banging sound.

“They were the size of golf balls – damage-size hail balls and the garden just went white. In five minutes, we couldn’t see the grass.

“It devastated our garden. All the plants and the lettuces are shredded. It’s been a good year for our vegetable patch and we were quite looking forward to trying the vegetables – that wont be happening.”

Mr Tanner, who is retired, lives with his wife Sheila, 62, and their daughter Charlotte, 22.

The family’s toughened material gazebo, which was only updated last year, is costing £100 to replace and their car insurance company says the cost of roof and bonnet repair will be ‘several thousands of pounds per car’.

Eight panes of glass were broken on their greenhouse and Mr Tanner said their chickens and ducks were ‘shell-shocked’.