Village housing development set to get green light from planners

A PLANNING application for a housing development in Calvert Green has been deferred and delegated to planning officers for approval.

AVDC’s Strategic Development Control Committee, which met on Wednesday, recommended that the application by supported pending the satisfactory completion of a Planning Obligation Agreement.

The plan is for 98 dwellings, two shop units and car parking.

There will be a mix of detached and link-detached houses and four apartments above the shops.

A total of 64 dwellings will be private and 34 will be affordable housing, with a range of house sizes and types.

There will be 20 one-bedroom, 12 two-bedroom, 42 three-bedroom and 24 four-bedroom dwellings.

The layout includes a tree-lined boulevard and ‘feature squares’ enhanced with planting.

Plans also include redesigning, upgrading and extensively landscaping a public open space area by Sandstone Close.

A previous application for the same site was refused in August on the grounds that it “proposes an additional 98 dwellings in a location that is remote and unsustainable... resulting in an increase in reliance on travel by private car and preventing the opportunity to secure a mix of land uses that would promote a sustainable community”.

The developers lodged an appeal which, after taking legal advice, AVDC decided not to resist.

The parish councils of Calvert Green, Edgcott, Charndon and Grendon Underwood all wrote to oppose the application, with Charndon calling it “opportunisitic for profit and offering absolutely no benefit to the communities that surround Calvert Green”.