Village road closed for resurfacing

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SOUTH End Road, in Leckhampstead, will be closed for resurfacing from tomorrow, Wednesday, to Friday.

Transport for Buckinghamshire will be undertaking the maintenance work to prolong the life of the road and improve kid resistance.

Initial work will involve planing and patching sections of the road to provide a sound surface. This work is programmed to start tomorrow and, weather permitting, is expected to be completed by Friday.

As South End Road is particularly narrow, the only way these works can be undertaken is to close the road from the junction with the A422 to the junction with South End.

Work will take place during the day but access will be maintained to properties at all times.

Subsequent work will involve applying a hot bitumen coating and then covering it with stone chippings using a treatment referred to as surface dressing. This means there will be loose chippings on the road surface until it beds down, after which workmen will return to sweep away excess chippings. .

Further information about this work can be found under the Transport and Roads section of Transport for Bucks’ Service Information Centre at