Villager slams HS2 offer as ‘derisory’

A Turweston man has slammed the proposed HS2 compensation scheme as ‘derisory and limited’.

Last Thursday, the Department for Transport (DfT) announced the launch of a compensation consultation document, entitled High Speed Two: Property and Compensation for London – West Midlands.

The DfT said it is offering “a comprehensive package of compensation measures which go significantly beyond statutory requirements”.

But Turweston resident David Miles said: “If you go on to the website, there seven questions that are posed. That’s all. You can’t put any other point of view.”

“If you don’t live within 120m of the track centre, you will get nothing until a year after the railway opens. We’re talking 15 years before it is built.

“And you can’t claim compensation for the disruption while the railway’s being built.”

The consultation closes on January 31, 2013. Visit