Villagers fired up for hot coals challenge

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The headteacher and deputy of Steeple Claydon Combined School are among those taking part in a charity firewalk event at Claydon House on Saturday, November 17.

Headteacher Becky Ellers and deputy head Sue Williams will be firewalking to raise money towards a set of iPads for a whole class.

Mrs Ellers said: “It’s a different way to raise money for the school. It’s a fun way to be involved in the local community.

“I’m working on the theory that people do it a lot and don’t burn themeselves!”

The Steeple Claydon school choir will be there to showcase the songs they are taking to the Young Voices concert at the Birmingham NEC in December.

Calvert Green mum and Olympic torchbearer Figen Rawlinson will also be firewalking to raise money for Taylan’s Project, a charity set up in memory of her seven-year-old son Taylan, who sadly died of a brain tumour two years ago.


This is the second firewalk event at Claydon House, organised by restaurant manager Sophia Goodford and proprietor Tim Matthews, who is also participating on behalf of CancerActive.

It takes place in the courtyard at Claydon House. there will be a small gift fair from noon, with the pre-firewalk preparations starting at about 2pm. Firewalkers attend a compulsory seminar at 3.30pm and the firewalk begins at 4.45pm.

It’s not too late to join in the firewalk.

Registration costs £35. Call 01296 730004 or turn up by 2.30pm on the day.