Vintage van has the beans for business

Chicco di Caffe coffee van at Stowe
Chicco di Caffe coffee van at Stowe

A quirky coffee van which can be personalised is fuelling the people of Bucks and its owner says speedy service is crucial.

Jackie Wood, who lives in Preston Bissett, sells coffee, teas and treats from her vintage, black Piaggio ape minivan.

Chicco di Caffe coffee van roadside PNL-140829-141937001

Chicco di Caffe coffee van roadside PNL-140829-141937001

She worked in advertising for a number of years but took the plunge and became self-employed.

She said: “I was at an optical company and I hated it so I thought what do I enjoy?

“I enjoy cooking and baking and if you look around, one of the few things people still go out for is food and drink.

“Looking for a premises became a nightmare, until my partner suggested a van.”

Chicco di Caffe - Italian for coffee bean - can be found at Aylesbury Market every Tuesday but also appears across the region at one-off events.

Jackie will be at Finmere Festival today, Saturday, but is available for parties and corporate days where she can emblazon a brand or message across the van.

It nearly featured in a BBC comedy series called Puppy Love but the pilot version never made it to air.

Her Colombian coffee beans are self-blended and treats self-baked but she says the two most important things are speed and a good patch.

“We pride ourselves on our speed, we work quite quickly,” she said. “People would say to me those vans are great but they’re so slow.”

“And if you get a really good patch, use it regularly and work hard, you’ll do well.”