Violence and break-ins are top priority

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The new Police and Crime Commissioners have published their draft plans for tackling criminals across the Advertiser and Review region.

Elected commissioners, who replace local police authorities, have set out their local policing priorities up to 2017.

In the Thames Valley region, commissioner Anthony Stansfeld’s said he would focus on crimes causing greatest concern to the public, increasing the visible presence of police, and protecting the public from organised crime and terrorism.

Violent crime, anti-social behaviour, burglary and cyber crime were among the greatest concerns for residents of Thames Valley.

The Northants PCC, Adam Simmonds, said he would aim for a reduction of at least 40 per cent in violent crime, with a focus on alcohol-related crime.

He also said there would be an emphasis on reducing illegal drug use, and tackling acquisitive crimes such as burglary.

Mr Simmonds said Northamptonshire will be in the top ten force areas nationally for lowest levels of crime, and said the county’s police force would make sure victims were put first.

For more details, visit or Final Police and Crime Plans will be published in April.