‘Virtual tour’ is a gift for autistic children

Puzzle Centre principal, Alex Stanyer
Puzzle Centre principal, Alex Stanyer

Autistic children who are about to join pioneering specialist pre-school The Puzzle Centre can now familiarise themselves with the place in advance, thanks to the gift of a ‘virtual tour’.

With world Autism Awareness Week approaching from March 27 to April 2, Venue View, a virtual tour provider based in Tring, has donated the revolutionary technology to the Middle Claydon charity.

Venue View uses the latest Matterport camera imported from America, allowing it to create a realistic sense of walking through a property, enabling the viewer to experience the space from any device.

Technical director Keith McMahon said: “The Puzzle Centre is a wonderful charity that promotes and delivers early intervention for young children with autism or similar communication difficulties, and provides training and outreach to families and practitioners throughout the UK.

“My family has had first-hand experience of having a child attend The Puzzle Centre and their expert help and support has made an invaluable difference to our lives.

“We wanted to give something back as a way of thanking them for all they have done.”

Founder and principal of The Puzzle Centre, Alex Stanyer, said: “Our mission is to ensure that every young child with autism, or similar communication needs, is offered prompt, appropriate and high quality education, therapy and support. We are thrilled to have received this virtual tour.

“The opportunity to showcase our facilities to a wide audience we hope will help with much-needed fundraising.

“Our primary use for the tour, however, will be to act as a way of showing our new children what the centre looks like, so when it comes to joining us in person they will already be familiar with the layout and resources we have.

“Attending a new setting can be an anxious time for any child but even more so for a child on the autism spectrum who possibly struggles with a change to their surroundings, new people and an altered routine.”

The virtual tour can be experienced on the Puzzle Centre website at www.