VOX POP: Fanged fun or a bloody waste of time?

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Ghosts and ghouls will roam the streets tonight – but what do the people of Buckingham make of Halloween?

Teaching assistant Caroline Rann, is deliberately leaving the house to avoid the trick-or-treaters.

She said: “We are going out on purpose. We are going out for the entire day, not coming back until we know they’ve gone.”

Barber Maime-Lee Shaun Green said: “As far as religious or spiritual outlooks on it I don’t really try to dig too far into it because I think we need a lot more fun in the world.

“If you see it as evil then don’t participate.”

Dgirdrie Plowman said: “I’m a Christian so we don’t do Halloween.

“I think there’s things you have to be really careful about, I wouldn’t be in favour of it.”

Mr and Mrs Abrahams, from the prison service, said: “As a parent there is this expectation that you have to go out and buy the costumes and buy this and that.

“It’s not something I particularly feel comfortable with.”

Teaching assistant Lucy Wood said: “I think parties are fine but I don’t like trick or treating. I think it’s begging so I don’t let my children go.”

Dave Clark said: “It’s a complete and bloody waste of time. When I hear a knock on my door it’s either I won’t answer or I will tell them where to go.”

Police are reminding trick-or-treaters to be considerate on their travels around town tonight.

Chief Inspector of Northants Police Tom Thompson said it can be a worrying time for vulnerable people.

He said: “Please respect the wishes of those people who don’t want trick or treaters knocking at their door.”

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