Vox pop: Is the monarchy good vale for money?

HRH Queen Elizabeth II at Stowe School  Ref 071129P-B003
HRH Queen Elizabeth II at Stowe School Ref 071129P-B003

After the announcement that the cost of the monarchy to the taxpayer rose by six per cent last year, we asked readers if the monarchy was good value for money.

Jude Ing, 46, a teacher from Hartwell said: “I think we are valued as a country for having our monarchy. We need to value our history and it is envied by other countries.”

Julie Sewell, from Buckingham, retired said: “I think the monarchy’s most important. People grumble, then when something important happens, how many people are standing there waving!”

Nick Johnson, 56, from Buckingham, who is a teacher said: “I think they are. Think of the number of tourists they attract, for example. From that point of view, they’re value for money, and they’re quite good at advertising Britain abroad.”

Sophie Jamieson, aged 18, from Buckingham, is a lab technician. She said: “They bring in a lot of tourism so I think they’re good in that respect. I think we do get our money’s worth.”

Beth Freeman, aged 18, has just finished at the Royal Latin School. She said: “I think so. The Queen has to oversee all government decisions and even though we are in complete economic breakdown, she still tries.”