VOX POP: Should a terminally ill or disabled person be able to legally take their own life?

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editorial@buckinghamadvertiser.co.uk ENGPPP00120120501134132

With the assisted dying bill reaching its second reading in the House of Lords, we asked the public what they thought of the idea.

Linda Mears, a customer assistant from Charndon said: “They should have the right to choose, providing they are capable of doing so. I discussed it with my husband and he wouldn’t want to suffer. He would want my help.”

Jim Barr, of Thornborough, a nurseryman said: “Definitely. People should be allowed to have a say. And I could trust a family member to say that, to make the decision.”

Alison Barr, of Thornborough, also a nurseryman said: “I think they should be able to have the choice but should consult a doctor, who should be allowed to help. They would be the best person to help.”

Oliver Burch, of Buckingham, an electrician said: “I think it should be their right. Professional help is a good idea but it’s a god given right, really. Could family members make that decision? That’s the question.”

David clark, of Gawcott, said: “I do believe they should. Certainly people that are in lots of pain and maybe they’ve done everything they want to do in life, should be allowed to end it with supervised assistance.”