Vox pop: Which childhood TV programme did you most enjoy?

Thomas the Tank Engine PNL-140704-095240001
Thomas the Tank Engine PNL-140704-095240001

With the return of childhood favourites like Danger Mouse and Morph we asked readers about their favourite children’s TV programmes

Oxfam volunteer Suzie Byrne, of Buckingham said: “Morph was excellent, it was different and clever. My son absolutely loved Brum and we loved Rosie And Jim too. It was about the canal, which we liked, and it was very educational.”

Game design student Mark Tallon, aged 22, of Buckingham said: “The programme that defined my childhood was Thomas The Tank Engine. There was this fascination with big machinery and it gave them characters and made them more friendly.”

Former receptionist Debbie Cotterell, aged 58, of Buckingham said: “The Woodentops, definitely. I used to watch Watch With Mother with my mum and she used to be doing the ironing. The spotty dog was funny. I think children these days would still enjoy it.”

Visitor Patrica Hitchcock, aged 50, from Selkirk in Scotland said: “I liked White Horses because I was always into ponies. And I liked Belle And Sebastian and the Double Deckers and the Banana Splits on a Saturday morning.”

Buckingham Society chairman Kathy Robins, aged 66, said: “I used to love Muffin The Mule. My sister and I would dance to the song and my mother used to dance too. I think we had glove puppets too. We were a fun household.”