Vox pop: Would you take the ice bucket challenge, or similar, for charity?


Celebrities, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and Justin Bieber have been submitting themselves to the ice bucket challenge this week, to raise money for charity. We asked readers: Would you do the same?

Digital manager Rob Jarvis, 32, from Buckingham said: “If they nominated me, I’d do it. I like doing extreme, silly things, especially for a good cause. I once got naked in front of a large audience at the local football club for testicular cancer.”

Leanne O’Connor, 19, from Bletchley said: “If I got tagged on social media I’d do it. It went viral all over YouTube and social media and it is raising awareness of ALS. On Wednesday, $8.3 million had been donated in a single day.”

Suzanne Webb, aged 32, owner of Curious Minds Vintage: “I think I’d rather just give the money to charity rather than pour ice-cold water over myself. It is good because it’s raising awareness but I hope everyone’s doing it for the right reasons.”

Communication support worker, Julie Cresswell, aged 45, from North Marston said: “I would if it was something I felt really strongly about but I prefer to do a regular direct debit to charities I feel are really worthwhile.”

Bio-sciences student Romith Bhimathati, aged 18, from Buckingham: “I would definitely do it, if it helps people. Some of my friends have done it. I’ve never done anything extreme for charity but if it helps I’d definitely do it.”