Warning over doorstep traders gathering moss

'No Cold Calling Area' sign in Ellesmere Avenue,Brackley.
'No Cold Calling Area' sign in Ellesmere Avenue,Brackley.

Northants trading standards are warning residents about the latest cold calling scam where householders are pressured into having moss removed from their roofs.

Trading standards have received several complaints from worried consumers who have been quoted a price for the work, who then find the price has increased or they have felt pressurised into having unnecessary work carried out.

The National Federation of Roofing Contractors, the UK’s oldest roofing trade association, has been receiving an unprecedented number of calls from people approached about moss removal, which is usually followed up with the tiles being painted in order, so it is claimed, to prolong the life of the roof.

A spokesman for Trading Standards said: “In most instances, moss on roof tiles is rarely a problem and only needs to be removed if it is blocking gutters.

“Most techniques that they have come across to remove moss, are often achieved by violent means such as power-washing, which may cause damage to the roof, especially when combined with unnecessary foot traffic often leading to cracked or broken roof tiles.”

For approved traders visit www.northamptonshire.gov.uk/approvedtraders.