Warning over '˜extremely dangerous' Buckingham Badgers blackspot

There are calls for urgent changes to be made before any further car crashes at an '˜extremely dangerous' junction.

Monday, 5th September 2016, 6:00 am
Cllr. Mike Smith the Badgers junction on the A421, Buckingham. PNL-160109-154703009

Last week, drivers were injured in a three-car smash at the turning between the A421 and Badgers Way, Buckingham.

And Buckingham Town Councillor Mike Smith, who lives on Badgers, thinks enough is enough.

“It is extremely dangerous to attempt a right turn onto the A421,” he said.

“I have seen several near misses at this junction, including frantic braking by those travelling east and having to slow down for those entering Badgers from the by-pass.”

This week, Mr Smith met with a Bucks County Council officer to discuss the junction which was changed as part of the Lace Hill development work.

He wants to see improved signage to warn drivers, a right-turn ban and the introduction of a filter lane.

Residents have voiced their own opinions on social media.

Peter Styles said: “Anyone with common sense can see turning right at the end of a dual carriageway is an accident waiting to happen.”

Alison Franklin said ‘something has to be done’ and town councillor Jon Harvey described it as a ‘dangerous’ junction.

He said: “I would ban right turns in and out, and make a special left-hand turn lane.”

Karen Woodley, one of several drivers who chooses other routes to avoid risky turns, said: “I will come in that junction, but not out.”

A spokesman for Bucks County Council said: “Discussions are ongoing. There will be an advisory sign at the junction and the BCC highways development team will be talking to the developers.”