‘We need our relief road sooner rather than later’

Traffic on the A43 at Towcester.'121009M-C195 ENGPNL00120121010095721
Traffic on the A43 at Towcester.'121009M-C195 ENGPNL00120121010095721

A relief road should be built sooner than planned by borrowing the money to build it, according to a town mayor.

From Monday, the A43/A5 roundabout in Towcester will be widened over the next three months with extra traffic lights and lane closures until completion in the new year.

But Towcester town mayor Jim Lynch thinks the tailback queues could be avoided if plans for the Towcester South relief road were brought forward.

When built, the relief road would arc cross-country from the turning to Wood Burcote on the A43 and re-emerge on the A5, south of the racecourse.

Its construction is waiting on funding from developer’s contributions once enough homes are sold on the 2,750-home Towcester South development.

Mr Lynch said: “In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a large sum of money.

“I would hope the county council and district council can get together to take out a loan to fund this and then pay it back when the houses are built.

“My earnest hope is that we can bring this forward and then the traffic problems and pollution will go away.”

The widening works will use 24 hour traffic management and overnight lane closures between 8pm and 6am on all approaches and exit roads from the roundabout.

Mr Lynch admitted traffic lights will help drivers at the Greens Norton Road turning where it is ‘almost impossible to get out without taking a risk’.

The roadworks are part of a government £317 million pinch point programme designed to boost local economies, reduce congestion and improve road safety across the country.