‘We need to talk to the Russians’

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A leading authority on relations between Russia and the West has been invited back to Buckingham Parish Church to talk about the enigmatic nation and its people.

Major General Peter Williams CMG OBE will be at St Peter and St Paul Parish Church on Tuesday (June 2) at 7.30pm. He was Rector Will Pearson-Gee’s commanding officer when both men served in the Coldstream Guards and two years ago spoke about his life as a licenced spy against the Soviet army in East Germany.

He was a regimental intelligence officer in Berlin from 1973 to 1975 and spent four years as a military spy in Berlin and East Germany in the 1980s, before starting and leading NATO’s Military Liaison Mission to the Russian Federation.

The distinguished former senior intelligence officer is in a unique position to offer his thoughts on how better to understand our former Cold War adversaries.

He said: “The Russians are warm-hearted, humorous and family orientated. We have shared interests, like trying to stem the problem of Fundamentalism and trans-continental crime.

“We have to find a way of dealing with ambitious leaders like President Putin, who demands respect and who is not going to go away.”

With increased tensions between Russia and the West, he believes the best way forward is through dialogue: “We need to talk more so we can understand each other better.”