We speak with Nigel Farage ahead of Brexit march passing through Buckingham and Aylesbury this week

The March For Brexit will come through Buckingham on Wednesday and Aylesbury on Thursday - but Nigel Farage will not be present.

Thursday, 28th March 2019, 2:18 pm
Updated Thursday, 28th March 2019, 2:21 pm
The Leave Means Leave bus as it arrives in Buckingham (Inset: Nigel Farage)

In an interview with this newspaper on Monday, Mr Farage said that he is currently in Strasbourg, but other campaigners would still be taking part.

The former UKIP leader said: “Unfortunately I will not be with it. There’s a heck of a lot of legislation going through so it’d be remiss of me not to be here, so I’m sorry - it would’ve been fun to do it.”

The March For Brexit - which is made up of Leave voters and campaigners – set out from Sunderland on 16 March and finishes in Parliament Square on 29 March.

The Leave Means Leave bus as it arrives in Buckingham (Inset: Nigel Farage)

Led by Leave Means Leave chairman John Longworth, the protest comprises of approximately 50 core members who are marching every day of the 270+ mile journey.

When asked how the march is going, Mr Farage said: “Fine, yeah fine.”

On Saturday over a million people, including remain voters from Aylesbury Vale, travelled to London to take part in the 'Put It To The People' march.

Mr Farage dismissed this by saying:

“I find it very disturbing that so many people want to overturn a democratic result in our country - truly, truly worrying.”

And speaking about our MPs David Lidington and John Bercow he said:

“Mr Lidington is a Euro-fanatic who wants to be the next Prime Minister and Bercow just above, so Buckinghamshire MPs are playing quite a big role at the moment - in the wrong way in my opinion!”

He added: “The 12th April is make your mind up time. There is a possibility that they won’t allow an extension and we’ll leave with no deal - but more likely is we finish up with an extension for two years.”

Of the Revoke Article 50 petition that currently has 5.93 million signatures on the Parliament website, the Brexit figurehead said:

“Lots of Russian signatures – can we have an inquiry please. It's a farce – even my daughters were joking about people at school signing it 100 times.”

We also asked the MEP about the current crisis facing Theresa May. He said:

“I can't believe she's survived this long – worst Prime Minister I've seen in my lifetime.”