Weather Watch: Bank holiday is set to be sunny and warm

Latest weather news with MetDesk in Wendover
Latest weather news with MetDesk in Wendover

Summer is just around the corner but you certainly wouldn’t think so over the past few days with temperatures well down on average and buckets of rain.

Traditionally, May is one of the drier months of the year across the Aylesbury Vale, and we’d expect to see around 50mm of rain during the month on average.

Perhaps not surprisingly, we’ve already exceeded that total this year so any more rain will make it officially a wet month.

Notable wet days so far include both the third and the 15th when 12mm of rain fell on each day.

You may also remember the thoroughly wet start to this working week, where around 9mm fell on Monday.

The unseasonably unsettled conditions have come about as Atlantic-born areas of low pressure have crossed the country.

These areas of low pressure have been steered by a powerful jet-stream, a narrow ribbon of strong winds high in the atmosphere, that are tracking further south than we’d normally expect in mid-May.

As a result of the wet and often windy conditions, temperatures have struggled across the Aylesbury Vale.

In the first couple of weeks, maximum temperatures were often near to the seasonal norm but the cool conditions over the past 10 days have dragged the average down.

After a showery couple of days, there is better weather news for the rest of this week with a lot of dry and even quite sunny weather as high pressure builds.

In fact, much of the bank holiday weekend should also see plenty of fine weather too.

In any sunshine it will feel pleasantly warm, but you’ll notice the cool breeze during cloudier interludes or in the shade.