Weather Watch: Spanish Plume gives us warmth and rain

Latest weather news with MetDesk in Wendover
Latest weather news with MetDesk in Wendover

Last weekend, some southern parts of England saw powerful thunderstorms moving in from the Channel, with frequent lightning strikes, torrential downpours of rain, some short-lived gusty winds and some hail.

Over the past few days, one weather related term that has trended a lot in the media, and may probably continue to do so is that of a Spanish Plume.

The Spanish Plume is a particular weather pattern, with an area of low pressure usually to the west of Iberia or just across the western half of it.

Winds on the right side of a low pressure system are blowing in from southerly directions in the northern hemisphere and during the warm months of the year these result in a transportation of a warm and humid air from the Iberian plateau to northwest Europe and, consequently, the UK.

This excess heat across the continent and over northern France under specific conditions can generate thunderstorms which can move northwards across the channel and produce heavy precipitation in parts of southern and central England, the Aylesbury Vale included.

These storms are also called “elevated” or “imported” because the cloud bases of these storms are high into the atmosphere and they originate from either the Spanish plateau and travel all the way northwards, or they develop across northern France and migrate towards the south of the UK.

It does look as if the thunderstorms are now over for the rest of this week and it will remain mostly dry with sunny spells by day and clear periods by night.

Some rain, however, is possible into the weekend.

Temperatures around the mid 20’s Celsius are likely for the rest of this week, but cooler this weekend.