Weather woes for walkers and drivers

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The recent wet and rainy spell has been causing problems for motorists and walkers in Buckingham.

There have been a raft of complaints to Buckingham Town Council (BTC) regarding the flooding of London Road, between the Meadway and Badgers housing estates.

The water, which can be up to nine inches deep at its worst, causes significant disruption for motorists as they slow down and take turns to pass through it.

Walkers using the footpath at the junction of Bicester Road and the A421 are faced with the choice of wading through a three-inch deep puddle or walking on slippery and muddy grass banks.

Transport for Bucks spokesman Daniel Elworthy explained it was likely works carried out by a utility company had damaged the drainage system but repairs were imminent.

Meanwhile, the muddy footpath has been cleaned by BTC following a work order from Buckinghamshire County Council and will continue to be regularly cleaned until works connected with Windsor Park are complete.

The works will widen the A421, enlarge the roundabout and move the footpath.

Mr Elworthy said: “We are keeping both areas usuable and both are open. But we know that permanent repairs and permanent solutions are on their way.”