Website a shopfront for working mums

Hilary and Gemma Whates
Hilary and Gemma Whates

A mother and daughter team have won an award within the first week of setting up their online business.

Hilary Whates, of Buckingham, and her daughter Gemma launched the website All By Mama this month, to be a shopfront for mums who run creative home businesses – featuring clothing, gifts, homewares and accessories.

Grandmother-of-three Hilary has had two previous businesses in Buckingham.

Paperwhates, on Market Hill, offered administrative and marketing services.

Titchy Titles is a small children’s books publisher.

Former Royal Latin School student Gemma, aged 32, is mum to two-year-old Leo and now lives in Surbiton.

Hilary said: “We both feel very passionate about supporting mothers who want to stay at home but need to earn money to contribute to the household bills. We’re facilitating a way people can go online and see all these marvellous products mothers are producing from home.

“We’re giving mothers the opportunity to reach out to a bigger audience than they could on Facebook. Mamas pay a one-off joining fee of £25 and then everything they sell we get a small commission.”

In the site’s first week, it won the award for best start-upfrom inspirEngage – the social enterprise company set up by former Apprentice contestant Melody Hossain.

“We’re really thrilled with the response we’ve had,” said Hilary.