What a hoot! Dizzy owl rescued by good Samaritan after roadside drama

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A dazed and confused owl found by the side of the road has been returned to the wild after making a full recovery.

The RSPCA was called after the tawny owl was found by the side of the road just before 10pm on Monday 19 January.

He was lethargic and struggling to move around.

A passer-by rescued him and put him in a box in the boot of her car.

She then took him to her home in Buckingham where he was kept in a warm box overnight, and then collected and taken to be checked over by wildlife experts at the RSPCA the next day.

They found he had made a good recovery, so after a brief period of monitoring the bird, and warming him up, they watched him do a ‘test flight’ to make sure he was fit for release.

He was taken back to where he was found in Westbury, Grove Farm area near Buckingham, where he was allowed to fly off happily back to the wild.

RSPCA animal collection officer Grace Mead said: “This little fella just needed a bit of time to recover, and a little bit of TLC, and he was fit to return to the wild again.

“He was definitely in trouble when he was found, and anything could have happened to him out there in the dazed and lethargic state he was in, so we are very grateful to the member of the public for rescuing him and telling us about him.

“He looked very comfortable though, flying back to the wild where he belongs like that. It made my day to see him.”