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This week’s letter comes from David Gray of Comerford Way in Winslow who writes about the ongoing public toilet issue in Buckingham.

His letter – and many more – can be seen in this Friday’s Advertiser/Review.

I agree with Mr W Thomas. A town the size of Buckingham needs more than one set of toilets, preferably 24/7.

An issue you highlight in your newspaper is the need to attract shoppers to the town. When Buckingham is up against the likes of Milton Keynes, Northampton and Aylesbury, it has to cater for the needs of shoppers.

Expecting them to use Tesco facilities is just not reasonable. I too thought that when Cornwall Shopping Centre was built toilets would be provided.

There is much criticism of Aylesbury, but at least Friar’s Square has two sets of conveniences, a multi-storey car park and a bus station. The toilets have to be accessible to disabled users. On busy days like market days I would have thought the public would not turn up their noses at a mobile toilet, in an emergency.

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