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Paper front page for the web.
Paper front page for the web.

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This week’s letter comes from Graham Robinson who writes about the treatment of Buckingham by the south of the county.

His letter – and many more – can be seen in this Friday’s Advertiser/Review.

Reading the Advertiser this week some of the items struck a chord. Your story, ‘Car buff picks holes in road’ I recently took a photo of Bycell Road showing lots of yellow paint meaning road repairs, and about half a bucket of tarmac had been used to effect the repair. So much promised so little delivered. I then found out (by accident) that Bucks County Council were going to shut the Bycell Road but no notices were posted. I contacted Akeley Wood/Charmandean School knowing the disruption this would cause. They are still trying to find out when it is going to happen. I am thinking of getting people to write to BCC and ask for a sign to put in the backs of their car, ‘I swerve for potholes.’

BCC informed me that they have to repair Grade 1 potholes quickly, so I asked what does constitute a grade 1 and am still waiting for an answer. I’m assuming the answer was to get rid of me. BCC only answer questions that they believe are simple and then withdraw into their shells when the going gets tough.

Next the toilets (Robin Stutchbury’s letter). They are a disgrace most of the time but they are better than nothing.

Roger Landells point about anything north of Whitchurch not being Bucks has been going on as long as I can remember.

The toilets in Aylesbury are always better serviced than Buckingham, There are seldom potholes in the roads.

Even when I was a Bucks Rugby Referee and we had a monthly meeting in the rugby club, nobody from Aylesbury and South would turn up. One meeting had four people turn up, three from Buckingham and one from Bletchley. One rugby team in the south of Bucks was mortified at having to play Buckingham Rugby Club in the league. They are now in a league below Buckingham, so got their comeuppance. I chose to referee for Oxfordshire and have done so now for 25 plus years.