What sparked First World War? talk asks

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The causes of the First World War have been argued over with unsurpassed intensity.

A free talk entitled Catastrophe 1914: Accident Or Design? on Tuesday, June 3, will focus on different generation’s views about what sparked the conflict.

Conflicting views emerged within days of the war beginning, and subsequent generations, seeing it through the perceptions of their own time, have come to differing conclusions.

The lecture will explain how the main interpretations have emerged and explore how contemporary experiences of conflict and the passage of time may give our own generation yet another way of thinking about what happened.

Prof Richard Langhorne, former director of the Centre for Global Studies at the University of Buckingham, will give the free talk at 6.30pm at Buckingham’s Radcliffe Centre. Prof Langhorne is professor of political sciences and director of the graduate division of global affairs at Rutgers University, USA.