What would you ask the election candidates?

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The campaign trail will run through Buckingham this week when people get the chance to grill district council candidates before they are elected.

If you have concerns about planning, housing, environmental health, refuse collection, car parking, pavements or leisure facilities it will be the perfect chance to challenge Buckingham’s next wave of councillors.

The Buckingham Society is giving people the opportunity to question the candidates for next month’s Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) elections by hosting a hustings.

The meeting will be chaired by parish rector Rev Will Pearson-Gee and will be the only chance to see and hear all of the candidates together and to compare their answers and ideas.

All the candidates have been invited to the Radcliffe Centre on Thursday, April 23, to be cross-questioned, starting at 7.30pm.

There will be no pre-meeting vetting of questions and any topics that relate to the work of AVDC will be up for discussion.

The Buckingham Society believes that it is right that anybody who wishes to stand for election in the town should be willing to be held to account by the people they wish to represent.

John Bercow’s Buckingham constituency, will not be contested by the three majority Westminster parties at May’s general election, because of a long standing political convention.

As a result, only three candidates are standing in Buckingham. They are John Bercow (the Speaker seeking re-election), Dave Fowler (UKIP – Scrap HS2) and Alan Francis (Green Party).