Which guitarist is the new quizmaster at The White Hart in Buckingham?

Tommy Cavanagh
Tommy Cavanagh

Meet The White Hart’s new quizmaster who is bursting with brainteasers – such as which sportsman has played World Cup matches in two different sports?

Tommy Cavanagh, who lives in Wicken with his partner Sharon, is the man in the know every Thursday night at the Buckingham pub.

He has questions to cater for all and there is a cash prize up for grabs if you can conquer his quiz and see off the opposition.

Grandfather to Eloise, 11, and dad to Thomas and Jennifer, Tommy is also a guitarist for two different bands.

He was chuffed with how the first night went and he is looking forward to building a roster of regulars.

He said: “I keep it varied for different ages – I don’t want too much scratching of heads.

“It’s light hearted and I have a bit of banter with the crowd.”

Tommy was asked by mates to run a pub Christmas quiz in the 1990s and it became a regular fixture.

But it was while he was growing up in Scotland, that he built up a thirst for trivia.

He said: “My family was always good at making their own entertainment.

“We did lots of board games and cards together.”

Tommy plays the guitar in a duo called Malarky and three-piece band - Beats Workin’ - so performing comes as second nature.

He has run the quiz at The Plough in Towcester for five years. But he is keen to make The White Hart Thursday night quiz a success, with question themes ranging from cartoon characters to capitals.

If you knew the answer was Viv Richards, you should probably join the quiz with a group of pals every Thursday at the Market Square pub from 8.30pm until 10pm.