Who is mystery hero that saved boy’s life?

Jake Howard
Jake Howard

The mum of a seven-year-old boy who fell into a canal is looking for the mystery man who saved her son’s life.

Jake Howard was enjoying a day out with his brother Rhys, 5, and their grandparents at the Village at War event in Stoke Bruerne.

But as Jake, who lives in Harpole, ran to watch the Spitfires flyover, he was accidentally knocked into the canal.

He was rescued by a mystery man and Jake’s mum, Gemma Caple, hopes he can come forward to accept her thanks.

She said: “I’d like to thank him and for him to know that his bravery is much appreciated.

“Jake said he’d swallowed a fish but seemed perfectly fine and went to school the next day, stood up in front of his class and told them what had happened to him.

“I wasn’t there so it’s hard to know what happened but I know that a man went in after him.

“Jake loves planes and as the spitfires flew over he ran and he was knocked into the canal. It was an accident.

“But I would like to find the person and say thank you.

“There would have been so many people at the event and like all these things all the attention is on the person who fell in and the person who rescued him could have just walked off into the crowd.”

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