Will new homes money benefit local people?

Cllr Robin Stuchbury,left and his son Jack Stuchbury from Buckingham.'110414M-D322
Cllr Robin Stuchbury,left and his son Jack Stuchbury from Buckingham.'110414M-D322

PLANS by Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) to invest £1.75 million in the provision of new affordable housing in Buckingham has been met with a cautious welcome.

Last week, AVDC director Andrew Small told the Advertiser that £3.5 million of its capital programme for 2012/13 would be spent on ensuring the provision of new affordable housing units across the Vale.

And he added: “Almost half of this expenditure is earmarked for Buckingham. Between 2008/9 and 2014/15, £4 million will have been spent on housing projects in the town.”

Town and district councillor Robin Stuchbury said: “I’m very pleased they’re finally putting some money into Buckingham.

“It’s a good news story there’s going to be more affordable housing in Buckingham.

“I understand most of it will be going to the London Road development.”

But he said the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust’s housing allocation policy still needs to change. Under the Bucks Home Choice system, people across the Vale have equal opportunity to bid for housing, which means local people may miss out to someone from outside this area.

“If you ask anybody in the street, they all want to see local people housed,” said Mr Stuchbury, who has been arguing for a change in policy.

“I fear these houses won’t give such an uplift to the local community as they would have done if I’d been successful in getting the policy changed.”

Mr Stuchbury has succeeded in persuading chairman of VoAHT Matthew Applegate to go on a ward walk with him in Buckingham at the end of March, when he hopes to highlight the local housing issues.

And he asked local people to contact him at stuchbury@dsl.pipex.com with any relevant issues.