Winslow calls in the experts to help fend off new development

Winslow has its own ideas about where future development should go
Winslow has its own ideas about where future development should go

Winslow Town Council has agreed to spend up to £2,000 on the services of planning experts in an attempt to thwart plans for a new housing development in Verney Road.

Following a public consultation event earlier this year, Gladman Developments has submitted an application for the planned estate at Glebe Farm.

The site size has increased from 8.4 hectares to 9.8 hectares and the number of homes proposed from 175 to 211 compared with the original proposal.

Winslow Town Council is opposing the plan because it does not agree with the location.

The town councils is in the process of developing a Neighbourhood Development Plan, which will include sites chosen to accommodate the additional 400 homes specified by the Vale of Aylesbury Plan over the next 20 years, and their phasing.

Neighbourhood Development Plans are part of the government’s localism strategy to help communities decide how the future development of their community should proceed.

In the Winslow Neighbourhood Plan consultations, the Glebe Farm site has not been identified by the community as suitable for housing.

Neighbourhood plan steering committee member Roy van de Poll said: “The application is considered by Winslow Town Council to be premature, given that it is widely known that a Neighbourhood Development Plan is being progressed as quickly as it is possible to do so.

“If this proposal were approved, it would significantly undermine the Winslow Neighbourhood Plan, as this application appears to be diametrically opposed to the community’s wishes.

“There is a lack of clarity from central government as to the weight that a Neighbourhood Development Plan in the prcess of being developed can carry when it comes to a planning application such as Gladman’s.”

Winslow Town Council has enlisted the services of a firm of planning consultants, rCOH Ltd, in order to progress work on the Winslow Neighbourhood Plan as quickly and robustly as possible.

And at this month’s meeting, town councillors agreed to spend up to £2,000 on getting rCOH to review the Gladman application and identify areas of potential objection.

The steering group hopes to havethe draft Neighbourhood Plan ready to go out for public consultation in August.

The Gladman planning application, no 13/01672/AOP, is likely to be considered by Aylesbury Vale District Council’s strategic development committee in September.

The deadline for comments from the public is August 15.