‘Winslow housing for Winslow people first’

WINSLOW’S mayor is pushing for local people to be given priority for affordable housing.

At last week’s Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) meeting, Llew Monger, who was also elected district councillor for Winslow in May’s local elections, requested a meeting with cabinet member for community matters Pam Pearce on the matter.

Mr Monger told the Advertiser there is a growing concern in Winslow and Buckingham about AVDC’s allocation policies for new-build social housing.

Under current policy, priority for the social housing element in new developments is allocated on the basis of housing need, regardless of where people live in Aylesbury Vale.

He said: “We want to ensure that a minimum 50 per cent of new-build social housing is made available to people living in, working in or having close family ties to the area.

“The problem of allocation to people only on the basis of housing need is you get an influx of people with no local connections, no family support in the area and no transport, who become socially isolated.

“Is it any wonder then that some of these developments become described as ‘modern ghettos’?

“Where people are in immediate need, they clearly should take prededence, but only for 50 per cent of properties.

“Pam Pearce and the AVDC director responsible have agreed to meet with me and look at how the priorities could be addressed.”

At last week’s AVDC meeting. district councillor for Buckingham North, Robin Stuchbury, proposed a motion that “in any new development, that affordable housing is offered to ‘local residents’ first”.

This will be discussed at a future AVDC meeting.