Witnesses clean up for annual convention

Jehovah's Witness Convention at stadium:mk 2012
Jehovah's Witness Convention at stadium:mk 2012

On Thursday, hundreds of local Jehovah’s Witnesses are volunteering to clean stadium:mk in preparation for a national convention.

Members of three local Jehovah’s Witness congregations, from Buckingham, Bicester and Towcester, will be among about 90 congregations attending the convention which runs from Friday until Sunday.

A cast of 26 adults and children from the Buckingham congregation have spent eight weeks rehearsing a re-enactment of the Biblical story of Queen Esther, assisted by a team of costume makers and researchers.

They will perform the play in front of about 12,000 people on Sunday.

The convention, which aims to show how Bible principles contribute to a happy and meaningful life, is free to attend and open to all, not just Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The programme starts at 9.20am each day and ends at 4.55pm on Friday and Saturday and 3.20pm on Sunday.