Women’s Institute uses flower power against plant thieves

Towcester Evening WI unveil its new planter with mayor Jim Lynch PNL-140821-145053001
Towcester Evening WI unveil its new planter with mayor Jim Lynch PNL-140821-145053001
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A Women’s Institute branch is fighting back against thieves who stole £100 worth of flowers from its town centre planters.

The Towcester Evening WI has refused to let last month’s thefts stop the town looking summery so have introduced a new planter at Sponne House Shopping Centre.

Police are yet to catch the culprits but with a financial boost from the opticians opposite the new box, the women have planted the branch’s sixth town centre arrangement.

Towcester town mayor Jim Lynch, who joined the institute for the unveiling yesterday, Thursday, said: “These planters make such a wonderful difference to the town. So we can only hope the plants are left alone this time.”

The town council has covered the planter but DW Roberts Opticians covered the cost of the plants as part of a £100 a year sponsorship.

Store owner Allan Nall, who runs the branch with his wife Barbara, said flowers can lift the town and bring in more business.

He said: “I think it’s a way of making the town appear to be successful, with flowers.

“And that gives confidence to investors and businesses that the town is doing well.”

WI member Sue Hamilton, said she was ‘very disappointed’ that the expensive collections had been taken from planters which ‘make a statement’ in Towcester town centre.

Mrs Hamilton said: “It’s definitely not vandalism because there is never any evidence left behind – no mess.

“Somebody carefully comes and the plants are removed with care.”

Towcester Evening WI, which is headed up by Petra Giffen, celebrates its cenenary next year and Mrs Hamilton is already planning more planting.

She hopes to team up with school children from the town to plant 100 bulbs and an anniversary rose.