Work vans targeted by thieves in seven thefts

A wave of tool thefts swept across Towcester this week as seven vans were targeted in just three days.

The vehicles parked in Towcester, Tiffield and Silverstone were broken into while they were parked up for the night.

Northants Police are not linking the crimes, yet, and are still investigating. They believe the offenders may have travelled from outside the area to commit these crimes.

Sgt Matt Moore said there were usually very few tool thefts carried out in the area.

He added: “Our numbers of tool thefts are so small that I would have not expected to see any in that time. Typically our level would have been zero.

“The numbers that we had was a very unusual spike for us.”

Tools taken include electrical items like drills and cutters.

Insp Andy Hall encouraged van and truck drivers to take some simple steps to protect their property.

He said: “We are currently experiencing increased levels of theft of tools from trucks and vans.

“These vehicles are being targeted because they belong to builders and other trades people and often contain tools which are easy to sell on.

“Owners should make sure their vehicle is locked when they leave it, even if it is only for a few minutes, and I’d urge them not to leave tools or other valuables in it especially overnight.”

Other steps which van owners could take are always checking their doors are locked as key fobs do not always work. If you have a garage - use it and if your van is parked on a driveway consider installing security lights.

Alarming your vehicle and fitting an internal security cage will protect your possessions even if thieves manage to gain access to them.

Another way to do that is security marking all tools. This can be done using an engraving or chemical etching kits. Once you have done this place a sign in your window saying so, signs can be a very effective deterrent.

A sign telling would-be thieves that tools are not left in your van or truck overnight will also help prevent break-ins.

Insp Hall concluded: “Anyone who sees anything suspicious should call police on 101 or, if a crime is in progress call 999. Also, if anyone other than a reputable dealer tries to sell you cut-price tools then please call us. Remember to note descriptions of those involved and registration numbers.”

Crimestoppers can also be contacted on 0800 555 111.