Workers subjected to abuse as tempers fray

Roadworks at the Tesco roundabout on the ringroad, Buckingham. PNL-140409-131435009
Roadworks at the Tesco roundabout on the ringroad, Buckingham. PNL-140409-131435009

Workers have been abused and cones have been moved as roadworks caused long tailbacks for frustrated motorists this week.

On Monday morning, there were 45-minute delays for traffic waiting to get into Buckingham, due to the three-day closure of London Road at the Tesco roundabout for essential levelling works.

A Transport for Bucks (TfB) spokesman said: “Workers on site have received quite a lot of verbal abuse and in some cases movement of cones and barriers. They’re only doing the job they’re being asked to do and it doesn’t help if they’re getting abuse.

“Barriers and cones are there for everyone’s safety.”

While London Road was reopened yesterday, Thursday, there were still lane restrictions in place at the junction.

The TfB spokesman added work had been delayed due to a breakage and theft of equipment from the contractor’s site office on Tuesday evening.

Readers have also complained about poor lighting on the roundabout at night.

Buckingham resident Paul Maycock, who works for a home care provider, said: “There’s no lighting to show the way at the roundabout at night and one of my carers near enough had a crash.

“Luckily, she’s OK but it’s an accident waiting to happen. She couldn’t see where the turning was. It’s terrible.”

Robert Secret said: “I thought it downright dangerous because at night it was not very clear about where to go.

“There were amazingly bright traffic lights, not helped by no street lights.”

The TfB spokesman said: “There was also damage caused to one of the street lighting boxes which caused the lights to go out over the junction on the Sunday evening. Temporary lights have been put in place to light the area since then.”