Working mums take the law into their own hands

Melanie Thrower
Melanie Thrower

A part-time law degree course at the University of Buckingham is proving surprisingly popular with local working mums.

The LLB (Hons) course is a four-year programme with just one weekly evening seminar and the rest of the study being carried out at home.

Adstock resident and mum to a six-year-old son, Melanie Thrower, aged 43, is now in her third year of the course.

She said: “Signing up to the part-time LLB law course was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Mrs Thrower left school at 16 without A-levels and had a successful career with Lloyds of London. She is now employed in the family photography business, in Winslow.

She said: “I’ve always been fascinated in the law, but I’d always presumed to change direction in your career, you would need qualifications like A-levels or a degree. It was only through the advertisement in the Advertiser and Review I became aware of the course.

“At least half the students in my year are working mums.

“It’s very open to people of all ages and backgrounds.

“One of my colleagues on the course had a baby but she still took her exams and continued studying throughout.

“With young children, you’re juggling a lot. There are always times when you think: ‘Crikey, how am I going to achieve this?’ But for me, it’s driven me forward.

“One of the good things is we start in October and finish in June so we have all the summer off, which is positive for mums with children.”

An open evening for next year’s course is being held at 7pm on Wednesday, May 7, in the Chandos Road Building.