Writing and illustrating a book is child’s play for Alex

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A Gawcott author and illustrator has just published her first children’s book.

Civil servant Alex Browne, aged 53 first wrote a story to teach her daughter Maia, now 17, about astronomy, as Alex is a keen amateur astronomer.

Maia and the Shooting Star, which was never published, has a foreword from the late, great Sir Patrick Moore.

Alex’s new book, I’m not Smelly The Pirate, is about Captain Bloodandguts, who won’t go anywhere without his huge parrot on his shoulder.

But the poor parrot is seasick and surrounds the captain and all nearby with the most ghastly smells.

Join the pirates in their search for Red Beard’s treasure, in a cloud of pong. But who is creeping secretly behind?

Alex also did the illustrations for the book, which is available on Amazon.

She said: “One bored day at work, I wondered if I could do illustrations, so I had a go, using guidance from the web – and it took off, to my surprise and delight.”