Yobs throwing metal onto conductors caused power cut to 5,000 homes in South Northants

The supply point in Stanwell Drive
The supply point in Stanwell Drive

Youths who threw pieces of metal onto an electric supply point in Middleton Cheney, which has 11,000 volt conductors,  could easily have been killed, police said.

Instead they caused a power cut to almost 5,000 homes but seemingly escaped without harm after the incident in Stanwell Drive at about 11.30pm on Friday.

However Sgt Michaela Simons said they could easily have been killed.

Referring to the incident report by electricity company Western Power Distribution, she tweeted: "I think that they were amazed that no one has reported someone being electrocuted.

"[There was] significant danger of electric shock via arcing in this act alone. [It] could have been fatal."

Commenting that police had not yet identified the culprits, Sgt Simons said: "If the village grapevine yields any we will be very happy to visit and explain in graphic detail the consequences of such actions."