Yoga teacher brings new massage system to UK

Ellie Foden
Ellie Foden
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Yoga teacher Ellie Foden, from Adstock, has recently returned from four months in India, not only to further her own yoga practice and to help with teacher training at the place where she herself qualified as a teacher, but also to learn the art of ayurvedic yoga massage.

After completing an advanced course in ayurvedic yoga massage, Ellie is now one of the only people in this country qualified to practise the technique.

Ayurvedic yoga massage is described as a passive yoga practice, detoxifying the body, relaxing and stretching the muscles and bringing a sense of calmness and wellbeing.

As soon as she returned from India, she was flown to the Seychelles to teach yoga and to give an ayurvedic yoga massage to the VIP owner of an exclusive resort

Now back home, she has launched yoga and meditation evening classes in Padbury and Adstock, catering for all levels of practitioner, and is currently offering a £10 discount on ayurvedic yoga massage treatments until the end of April to readers quoting this article when booking their appointment.