Your memories of coronation are wanted to make a book

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DO you remember what you were doing on the day of The Queen’s coronation in 1953?

Did your family crowd in with neighbours to watch it on TV? Did your street have a party? Or were you lucky enough to be part of the crowds in London?

Buckingham Town Council has decided these memories should be recorded before they fade, and is putting together a book of memories of the coronation.

The town council is asking everyone who was around at the time to send in their memories.

And for those who now find writing difficult, it is asking young people, through organisations such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, to help senior citizens record their memories.

The memories will be made into a book, which will go on show in Buckingham.

Write to Amanda Brubaker, Buckingham Town Council, Verney Close, Buckingham MK18 1JP, Call 01280 816426 or email